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Trust Me, I’m The Merc

Trust Me, I’m The Merc

Oct 8, 2014

The B.O.X. event has landed in the Spiral, but it’s only sticking around for a short while before it’s off to other times and places! These new event dungeons drop all kinds of goodies, from new music players to couch potatoes to greenwarden’s gear, not to mention those sonic springs you need to make the very first craftable mounts! We want you to get in some serious farming before the event leaves the Spiral, so we’re hosting a B.O.X. farming event that day before it disappears into time and space. We’d love to farm with you and see a little more loot in the Spiral! You can trust us… we’re the mercs.




Please join us on


Sunday, October 12th

at the following instances on Scarecrow realm:


Wizard City, Marleybone, and Mooshu B.O.X.E.S.

4pm -6pm BST (UTC+1) / 11am – 1pm Eastern / 10am – Noon Central / 9am – 11am Mountain / 8am – 10am Pacific




Zafaria B.O.X.

8pm – 10pm BST (UTC+1) / 3pm-5pm Eastern / 2pm – 4pm Central / 1pm -3pm Mountain / Noon – 2pm Pacific



FiveBoxes Feat

Avalon B.O.X.

2am – 4am BST (UTC+1) (sorry, Brits!) / 8pm – 10pm Eastern / 7pm – 9pm Central / 6pm – 8pm Mountain / 5pm-7pm Pacific




This is a farming event. As such, groups will generally be speeding past dialogue in order to fight as quickly and efficiently as possible. The storyline in the B.O.X.E.S. is not something that you want to rush through your first time (it’s worth taking the time to read through!), so if you have not yet run these instances, please try to do so before the event. Feel free to make a request for help in the applicable thread over at the Mercenaries101 help forum; even before the event we’re open for both questing and farming help in these instances.

Be considerate of the other people who are farming. If you need to go afk, please do not ask the group to wait for you until you get back. However, if someone is running a bit behind the group and doesn’t make it into battle on the first round (particularly in the lower level dungeons), please don’t kill the enemies until everyone is active in the battle so that all players can have a chance at drops.

There may be so many people attending that a mercenary cannot be on each run. If your run does not have a mercenary, please set your deck up to do an efficient AoE (Area of Effect, or an attack on all enemies). A general rule of thumb is that you should be prepared to have as many stacking blades on you as the level of B.O.X. you are in. Eg, groups in the Wizard City BOX can have no blades, attacks in the Marleybone BOX can have one blade, Mooshu should have two blades, Zafaria three blades, and Avalon four blades. In many cases this will be significant overkill, but overkill is better than underkill. 😉  If you are in a boss fight and the boss will resist your attack, consider setting up someone else in the battle with blades and traps if possible. If a mercenary is on your run we will likely to set up one wizard of a useful school in that particular dungeon to be the hammer, and have all other players blade them. If you don’t have a merc on your team but your group communicates well with each other, feel free to try this as well; it can be an extremely efficient way to battle if everyone works well together.



The Fun Stuff

In addition to the farming frenzy, why should you come? Because PRIZES! What sorts of prizes? Well, for starters…

  • fog staffs
  • teleport tapestries
  • Crowns
  • pets, and maybe even a few…
  • bundles!


We will be giving prizes away at the END of every session, as well as DURING the sessions both in game and on various social media (Central, Twitter, and Facebook). Make sure to follow us so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities!

  • Mora Misthead

    When I google what time BST is right now, and what time UTC is, there’s a one hour difference. Which one is the correct one?

    • Katherine Light

      That depends on where you are in the EU. Some places (the UK) are still on British Summer Time, which is the time listed, while others don’t observe daylight savings. BST is currently UTC +1, which is what I’d intended to put there, lol, but somehow forgot the +1. I’ll fix that up right away. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Tday

    Farming for energy plus fog staffs?! BEST FANSITE EVER! But for the fog staffs we have to follow your Twitter and after the session has ended we on the game tell you our Twitter or something?

    • Katherine Light

      Unfortunately we can’t give away the codes in game, so we’ll be giving them away in a variety of places. This blog, our facebook page, twitter account, and Wizard101 Central will all have different opportunities for prizes. The more places you follow/like/subscribe to us, the more chances you’ll have to win. :)

  • Jeremy Anim

    I can’t find you guys on facebook or Twitter can you post the links

    • Katherine Light

      If you head to the Mercenaries for Hire main page (just click on the little “Mercenaries for Hire” icon on the top left of your screen), look about halfway down on the right hand side, under the picture for the events and contest section. :) There’s a link to our various media sites there.

  • IcyWiz

    I just said on the live show that y’all should do something like this. :)

    • lukey800

      oh, that was you? i didnt notice, lol

  • lukey800

    how do we get a chance at the prizes and fog staffs?

    • Katherine Light

      You’ll have to attend the event to find out! :)

      Actually, we may be posting some contests on the blog (or twitter, or facebook) during the event as well. We’re still finalizing the details of our contests, so I can’t say for sure.

  • Chrissy The Blesser

    Brilliant and very fun idea. You guys always come up with the best stuff. I truly hope I am able to attend. I will try offerings to the headache gods of chocolate and coffee and hopefully they will be distracted enough to let me have a blast with all the rest of you. 😀
    Such fun in the Spiral, thanks Mercs <3

  • http://Wizard101 Michael Titan

    Awesome, can’t wait to join in on the farming! See you all this weekend (I hope!)

  • lukey800

    am i allowed to come later? i might not be able to come at 11 but i might come at like 12 30? do i still have a chance at prizes and can i still farm?

    • Katherine Light

      Yes, you can absolutely come later and farm. The time of the contests will vary and haven’t been nailed down yet, so I can’t answer that one for sure.

  • mercs101

    We do our best to help all kinds of chat players find teams :)

  • Brandon DragonFlame

    How do I get the prizes, like the fog staff?

    • mercs101

      Sorry, our contests are over, please stay tuned to the site for future opportunities.

  • mercs101

    Keep an eye out for competitions with Fog Staff prizes.

  • Mitchell Sky

    When’s the next contest for a Fog Staff? (I’m really desperate)