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The Claws That Clench

The Claws That Clench

Jun 28, 2012

The first time most of us encountered the Jabberwock, we ended up on the floor saying something like “What on earth was THAT?!” He’s got a few tricks up his sleeve (well, if he had sleeves that’s where they’d be), but once you know what to expect he’s really mimsy, gyre, and gimble.

Jabberwock Cheats

    • The Jabberwock will interrupt at the start of every third to do a meteor attack. The base fire damage averages anywhere from about 1800 to 3200. After he casts this, he will place a 200% trap on himself.
    • If there are any traps on him, Jabberwock will cleanse them at the start of every even-numbered round.


How this breaks down as far as the timing of the rounds go:

regular round
If there are traps on him, Jabberwock will interrupt at the start of the round to cleanse all of them.
Jabberwock will interrupt at the start of the round to cast his super-strength cheat meteor and then place a 200% trap on himself.
If there any traps on him (including the 200% trap he put on himself in the previous round), Jabberwock will interrupt at the start of the round to cleanse all of them.
Regular round
Jabberwock will interrupt at the start of the round to cast his super-strength cheat meteor and then place a 200% trap on himself. If there were any traps on him at the start of the round, he will then cleanse all of those traps AND the 200% trap he just placed on himself. If there were no traps on him at the time, the 200% trap will stick.
Same as round 1, start the cycle over again from the beginning.

While these cheats can look daunting, if you go in with a plan and time your spells properly, you can take advantage of both the ability to trap him over two rounds AND the 200% trap he puts on himself.



Be warned– the most difficult part of this strategy comes right at the beginning, and that is getting all players into the fight on the first round! The Jabberwock will pull the first player into the fight as soon as their feet touch the sand, so all the other players need to be prepared to make a break for the battle circle as soon as the first player is pulled. The storm player can only hang back by a fraction of a second if they want to make it into the fight in the final position. It may take a few tries just to get the timing down to get in properly! The rest of the fight is easy as pie after this, lol.


Needed for this strategy: a storm player with 75%+ attack boost.

The first three players can put up stun blocks (or if you’re feeling like being risky, blade the storm). Be prepared, though, that as there are two myth minions those blades may be quaked off by the time you hit. Any blades placed this round aren’t necessary to make the kill hit and are really just for fun and overkill. Perferably though, everyone who has stun block should put them in this round to make sure they are safe from stuns in round two. Ideally, someone would place a stun block on the storm so that they are kept safe from stuns since their role is crucial. In this round, the storm player should place a storm prism on the storm elemental so that he will not resist the attack in round three.
One player should place a feint (preferably an amulet feint for a bit of an extra kick) on Jabberwock. Another player must quench Jabberwock to stop his meteor strike in round 3. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are playing from first, you will need TWO players to quench Jabberwock on round 2. This is because Jabberwock may use up your first quench by casting a regular fire spell during round 2, leaving him without a dispel when he tries to do his meteor strike. If you are playing from second, on the other hand, he will already have cast his regular spell that turn, so just one quench will dispel his meteor strike. In this case your third player can place another stacking feint on Jabberwock this round rather than quenching. Your storm player should use berserk.
The first players should place stacking blades on the storm player. We generally have one player use elemental blades, another use treasure elemental blades, and another uses an amulet blade. The storm player hits with colossal storm lord. Alternative: If you are playing from first, one player can put a second stacking feint on Jabberwock rather than blading. Either will work to make the hit large enough.


The Strategy in Action

(Please note that you can click on the title of each video to watch a larger, more visible version of them on youtube. I don’t recommend the full screen option as these videos are not HD.)

This first video shows an ideal fight. We went second, so we only needed to place one quench, which gave us the opportunity to place two stacking feints instead of one. The myth minions also were kind and decided not to quake off the blades we placed in the first round. This fight is a bit long since our pets seemed to think we were in danger and got a bit protective. 😉

This second fight was a bit more problematic. The myth minions quaked off the blades that were placed early in the fight. Since we went first, we needed to play two quenches in round two, which forced us to choose between either putting up a second feint or a third blade. Even with those issues, the fight turned out beautifully, with more than enough power to take out all the enemies.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask in the comments section. If you’d like our help with this fights, just post a request on one of our forums – the links to the forums are located at the top of the column on the right.