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The Thunder Rolls

The Thunder Rolls

Jun 16, 2012

Tower of the Helephant can be a tricky, even scary place at times – there are so many different cheats to keep track of, and so many different things that can go wrong.

We’ve crunched some numbers and hammered out a few strategies to get this first fight as fast and simple and possible. While there are a lot of variations of this fight that are equally effective, this is the one that we’ve found is the most easily accessible to the largest amount of players, regardless of level. As always, we’d also be happy to help you try this method in game – just post a request on one of our forums. Particularly for those of you on Wizard101 UK who are relatively new to this tower, please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments (or, of course, on the Wizard101UK forums).


  • Four players
  • Storm hitter with a minimum 60% damage boost
  • One player (not storm hitter) with pet feint. Pets that have the innate pet feint spell are the deer knight, onyx shenlong dragon and premier porker. A pet with the feinting spell talent works as well.
  • One player (not storm hitter) who has trained the spell elemental blades
  • One player (cannot be the storm and cannot be the same player as the one with trained elemental blades) with either a pet that gives dragonblade/balanceblade/stormblade OR a Wyrm’s Bite Amulet OR a Hammer of the Stone Sky.
  • Treasure cards: Vaporize, Quench, Feint, Pierce, Elemental Blades, Berzerk/Amplify, Cleanse Charm, Dissipate, Darkwind

The Strategy

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Storm
Round 1 Vaporize Ervin Feint* Taurus Quench Taurus Pierce 90% Tower Ervin
Round 2 Cleanse Storm/Pass Feint* Ervin Pet Feint Ervin Berzerk/Amplify
Round 3 TC Darkwind Dissipate Taurus Feint* Taurus Storm Blade self
Round 4 Blade* Blade* Blade* Hit


Feint* needs to stack and Blade* should be trained elemental blades, treasure card elemental blades, pet blades, or item bladestorm. Hit with a Gargantuan Storm Lord.

Obviously this strategy requires good communication with each other and a solid plan. It takes some practice to get it down thoroughly, but it is incredibly effective.

Notes on This Strategy

for those of you who are skeptical or simply want to understand how it works

We arrange this strategy so that all feints come from second and third position.

Why: storm may not have a pip to spare, so we don’t want them to waste a pip on a feint. We ask first position not to feint because until someone hits, they are generally Taurus’ target, and he REALLY likes to use myth imp on them. Because myth imp comes with a death dispel, this would mean that their feint would fizzle. Not only would they be hit with a bone dragon, but your team would be left a trap short for the kill hit. For this same reason, we recommend that your tank does not equip a pet with spritely.

One of the feints on Ervin will be a pet feint. We recommend that the second feint placed on him be either an amulet or treasure feint.

Why: Ervin is a death boss and can feint one of your players at any time. Under the last in/first out rule, if he feints after you have already placed your feint on him, only the 30% trap on him will count and you hit will come up short. We took advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate this in the above video. If you watch closely, Ervin places a feint on John Shadow in the first round, and John places his own trained feint on Ervin in the second round. When you see the storm lord hit Ervin, looks closely and you will see that then 70% trap (ie, the most recently put up) applies, and the 30% trap is left behind. Had that been a treasure or amulet feint, though, the two portions would stack and there would be no concern. You can read more about the last in/first out rule here.

Most of what players 2 and 3 do is interchangeable.

Why: As long a quench goes up within the first two rounds, a dissipate in round three, and two stacking feints end up on each boss, it doesn’t matter who casts which dispels and which feints. There are lots of combinations that work out, so there’s no need for Player 2 and 3 to follow this fomula to the letter.

Your storm player must be in the last position.

Why: All three other players need to be able to get those blades on your storm in the final round, which they can’t do if they are after your storm in the lineup.

How it works, broken down by turn:

The myth dispel placed on Ervin prevents him from removing the feint we will place on him later. He’ll TRY to take it off, but the dispel will fizzle his attempt. Taurus, thankfully, can be trapped at any time with any spell, which makes everything simpler. We like to get that quench up on Taurus as soon as possible – if you don’t get a quench on him by the end of round two, he will use that smokescreen on you at the start of turn 3, and we all know how brutal that can be. Finally, the pierce is a great spell for your storm player to be using – everyone else is using up pips this round, but your storm player doesn’t have that luxury. They need to be saving pips for their storm lord on turn 4.
In this video, our tank passes. However, Ervin does like to death ninja on the first round, and he has a nasty habit of picking out the storm player. For this reason, we recommend that your tank carries a cleanse in their sideboard, because they have the opportunity here to cleanse your storm player if need be. If going second, we often cleanse this round even if there was no weakness cast in round, just in case one is played this round. Players 2 and 3 both place feints – at this point you’ll see the affect of the vaporize in allowing the feint to stay on, and the benefit of the pet feint. Because the pet casts the spell, Ervin doesn’t notice it and allows the feint to stay on, even without a vaporize. You may notice that the storm player uses a treasure amplify this round. In this case it wasn’t strictly necessary, HOWEVER, if your storm player has a boost of between 60-70%, they will be pushing it on getting enough power to kill, and the extra 5% of a treasure amplify will put them over the top.
This is where the rubber starts to hit the road. When Robert casts darkwind, you may notice that Taurus tries to disarm him, as though he had cast a blade. For this reason it is very important that the darkwind is played BEFORE the dissipate is placed on Taurus. If you play the dissipate first, it will get used up when darkwind is cast, which leaves your storm player’s blade free to be removed when they cast it this round. The final boss feint goes up this round, and the first blade for your storm player. You may be concerned after you play your cards this round, because it looks like there are two BIG risks here. Depending on his pips, Taurus could quake and knock off that blade. Even if he’s only got one power pip, he could use white rat magician and knock out the bubble. In actuality, either one of these is fine. You don’t need both the bubble AND the blade to have a big enough hit to kill – you only need one. And since you’re hitting next round, he can use quake OR rat magician, but not both. If he uses neither and leaves both buffs up, you’re actually looking at overkill.
It doesn’t matter who plays which blades this round, so long as three different blades make it on to your storm player. In order for the hit to be big enough, it’s important that one of them be a treasure elemental blade (40%, available in both the Wizard City and Zafaria libraries) and one of them be a trained elemental blade (35%). The third blade must be at least 25%. There are all kinds of sources you can use for this third stacking blade, like: -dragonblade pet -pet with a storm blade card -25% bladestorm from Wyrm’s Bite Amulet (available in the bazaar) or the Hammer of the Stone Sky (crafted wand, recipe in Vestrilund). -elemental blades given by gear.

Cards Needed in Deck by Player (and Where to Get Them)

This fight is very treasure card heavy, and in some cases you may find that you do not have ANY cards in your main deck at all. That’s ok.

  • vaporize (myth dispel) – available from the library in Zafaria
  • cleanse – available in the bazaar
  • 35% darkwind – available in bazaar
  • one the stacking blades
  • two stacking feints (either Player 2 or Player 3 must have a pet feint for Ervin)
  • dissipate (storm dispel) – available in Wizard City & Zafaria libraries
  • one of the stacking blades
  • two stacking feints (either Player 2 or Player 3 must have a pet feint for Ervin)
  • quench (fire dispel) – available in Wizard City & Zafaria libraries
  • one of the stacking blades
  • pierce – available in the bazaar
  • treasure amplify/berzerk – available from The Archivist & often in the bazaar
  • stormblade
  • storm lord
  • gargantuan (trained or treasure, treasure available from The Archivist)
  • We recognize that this fight can be complicated – try it out a few times until you get the hang of it, and feel to ask in the comment section if you have any questions! As always, if you want help with this or any other dungeon, feel free to post a request at our subforum on Wizard101 Central.

    • GlobalNomad

      This is a great strategy. I’m life and have a balance and death friend I play W101 with a lot. We use death as the hammer. Scarecrow is a pretty weak hammer, but it works fine. The only schools who really can’t be hammers are fire and life (with the first blade of the spirit or elemental blades taken by Taurus), and balance (just can’t buff them enough).

      We’ve adapted this to a five round defeat for a few reasons:

      * We don’t have a strong all enemies card and we need a prism. The same would apply if we were using myth as a hammer (weaker spell with prism needed, but a little less complicated with Taurus easily trapped).

      * The fourth person we team up with uses all TCs, which we trade right before we go in — so it doesn’t matter what school, pet, or trained spells they have.
      * We can change up to have ice or storm (as well as myth) as a hammer (one TC user, one hammer). If only one joining, we we happily change to storm hammer and change to four rounds. Myth and ice we’ll change if they insist they have to be the ones to hit (really?). Or if we only have two of us playing and have two more joining.

      The hardest part is usually convincing a fire wizard who wants to join they can’t be the hammer 0_0 — usually we have to let them go in with another group so they can attack for a while and wait for a wizard from a different school to join. The funny thing is we’ll often see the fire wizard who refused to join running back to the sigil to rejoin while we wait for a fourth on our second or third runs.