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Cold as Ice

Cold as Ice

Jul 15, 2012

Young Morganthe is one of the more annoying bosses – simply because you never know quite what to expect. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you get through this battle successfully. Please note that this only deals with the Young Morganthe fight – if you’d like to see a guide on the entire Ghost Avalon instance (including this fight), check out our guide Cold Shoulder over at Wizard101 Central.

Things You Should Know About Morganthe

-Morganthe has an attitude problem

-Morganthe is unpredictable

-Morganthe doesn’t like ANYTHING.

In all actuality – it doesn’t matter WHAT you do, Morganthe will get angry. She likes to interrupt and cast a mammoth at your team for… well, anything. Even if you just pass through the whole fight, Morganthe will still keep trying to mammoth you.

There are all kinds of things that can trigger cheats. Traps and prisms (even mass prisms and spells like windstorm) will often trigger and earthquake and nova – and the earthquake hits herself as well, using up any traps like feint, hex, etc, that may be on her. If your team begins to accumulate pips, she will start to mana burn your members when they get 8 pips (4 power pips) or more – thankfully, only one member per turn will get burned. Any action can earn a member of your team a mammoth- or several. The only ‘safe’ spells are those cast by your pet. Pets with dragonblade, balanceblade, feinting spell, hexster, curse-giver, and other such inate cards and talents can be EXTREMELY useful in this battle. If you’ve got a pet that give spells like these, you’ll want to equip them for this battle.

The Strategies


There are three strategies that you can use to approach this battle. As a general rule for all strategies – please do your best to make sure you have good critical block before this battle. As you can see in the video, she LOVES to critical, which can make for some devastating hits if you’re unprepared.

The Krag

The Krag take you back to your good old Unicorn Way play style. No traps- pack lots of Gargantuan and Colossal, low pip attacks, and hammer away at her. If your players have decent attack boost and resist, you will usually chip away at her enough that you will take her out before she manages to hurt any mamber of your team too seriously. This is a risky strategy, however, since you’re doing nothing to try to cut off those mammoths.

The Nergal

The Nergal involves setting one of your players up for a one hit kill. You do this by using a small army of dispels – ice to stop the mammoths so you have time to set up for the kill, myth dispels to prevent her from removing any traps you might set up with her self-hitting earthquake, and unbalance to stop those novas. The unbalance isn’t strictly necessary, but the novas can pack a punch if you take too many, and the weaknesses are annoying to play past. In this way, the melts will let you blade one of your players, and the vaporize and unbalance will allow you to trap you freely. This method does take a LONG time to set up and can be frustrating (and tedious), but it is quite safe and allows someone the pleasure of taking out a nasty boss with a big hit.

The Kragish Nergal

The strategy is our preferred method, and is a middle of the road method between the two. The only dispel involved is Melt, which makes it simple to find in your sideboard (we recommend everyone carry about 5-10 melt, which is available in the Wizard City and Zafaria libraries). On the first turn, everyone should Melt to try to get several to stay on her. Whenever she starts to run low on melt, your team can simply place more on her. (A note of caution: as you can see in this video, she VERY often tries to mammoth when you dispel her, which of course removes the dispel right away.) The melts will keep your team safe from her mammoths. Once you have several stacked on her, just start hammering away at her with bladed low-pip attacks, preferably enchanted with colossal to help pack a bigger punch. You’ll want to stick with 6 pip attacks or less due to mana burn. As always, pet spells are excellent for helping to set up a big hit safely. Once you use dispels to take her mammoths out of the equation, you’ll find that she’s not such a scary boss after all. Time-consuming perhaps, but not nearly as intimdating.


The Strategy in Action


These are a few members of our team (compguru1, Scarlet*, Katherine_Light, and Mr. Owl) showing the Krag-ish Nergal strategy. Keep an eye out for all the pet spells, as well our general propensity to melt rather than attack whenever she starts to run low on them, just to be safe. Remember that you can click on the video’s title to be taken to a larger version of the video on youtube. (Thumbs up for the epic music choice, lol.)

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask in the comments! If you’d like a hand with this dungeon, feel free to click on the links in the upper right hand column to post for help on our forums.

  • Apollo

    On the last few runs I’ve been on with you guys, it has seemed that single blades can be played with no consequence. Correct me if I’m wrong, but just speaking from experience. Just letting you guys know so you can update the guide. :)

    • Scarlet

      Thanks! Updated.