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We are now open for Khrysalis!

We are now open for Khrysalis!

Dec 7, 2013

Mercenaries101 is now open for Khrysalis requests! We are accepting both QUEST and FARMING requests for Khrysalis and we are now open for regular farming in any world as well! So, if you’d like to farm for Hisser’s Piranha Hunter, or need a hand with the big bad Ghost Dog (he isn’t that bad ), we are here to help at Mercenaries101. Ghost Dog, Hisser, Eclipse Towers 1 and 2, Kravenly the Hunter (Banyan Tower), Tymen Whiteflame, Broodmother (fight 2), Belosto Toebiter, and Atlach-Leng (Abyssal Cave) ALL should go under the DIFFICULT INSTANCES thread, while any other boss request can go under the Avalon/Azteca/Khrysalis thread as Khrysalis. Head on over to our forum on Central and put in a request for Khrysalis (or any other farming spot!)

For those of you curious as to where the “hot spots” (cheating bosses) of Khrysalis are:

Hisser, located in Fort Rachias (drops the Pirahna Hunter pet with FOUR new May Casts)

Ghost Dog, located within the Central Keep in Fort Rachias

Kravenly the Hunter, located within Banyan Tower in Tyrian Gorge (drops the Flying Squirrel Pet)

Eclipse Towers, located in Moon Cliffs

Atlach-Leng, located within the Abyssal Cave in Tyrian Gorge

Tymen Whiteflame (located in Bastion)

 Version 2 (located in Moon Cliffs)

Belosto Toebiter (located in Moon Cliffs)

Also, quest requests will take priority over farming requests, and please keep in mind our 1 request per day and 2 farming requests per week rules that we have in place! :)


  • Sabrina FireHeart

    I need people helping me questing in khrysalis how do I do that?

    • mercs101

      Hi Sabrina!
      We can help you with any sigil-lit areas in Khrysalis. :) If you’d like a hand, just follow the instruction in this post. Hope to meet you in game soon!

      • Sabrina FireHeart

        Is the help for one dungeon or until we go off? or a time restriction?

        • mercs101

          The help is for one dungeon at a time; if you need help with another dungeon after the first, you can post another request. :) Khrysalis tends to have a lot of mob fights in between their boss rights, though.

  • Brooke MoonSinger

    Hey! So, I’m having some trouble with Atlach-Leng (Tried to solo him three times and failed,) but if I could get some help with that boss I would REALLY appreciate it.