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We are now open in Azteca!

We are now open in Azteca!

Dec 11, 2012

Mercenaries for Hire are 



We’re happy to help you with any bosses, from the first deceptively straightforward Belloq fight all the way up to Xibalba.  Please post your requests for all regular bosses or dungeons in the CL-AZ thread. If you need help with a cheating boss (Ponce de Gibbon, Cipactli, Belloq, Xibalba), please post in the Difficult Instance thread. Please be patient with us as we take the time to update our thread titles and opening posts with all the new information.

In addition, we are making a small change to our regular guidelines. While we were giving our members time to quest through Azteca, we temporarily change our guidelines to allow us to only wait 5 minutes for a poster who was late, rather than our usual 15. After some reflection, we realized that we have never yet had someone arrive for a run between the 10 and 15 minute marks. For this reason, we are permanently changing our standard wait time to 10 minutes. If you discover that you’ve missed a run, we understand – it happens to everyone sometimes! Just PM the merc who picked up your request, or post on the thread again, and we’re happy to reschedule. 

We look forward to helping you through this new and exciting world!

  • Cody SummerShard

    Hi, my name is Cody SummerShard. I rarely find anyone on anymore in the Cenote and above in Azteca. Would somebody be able to help me through the Cenote and a couple streets after that? Thanks so much! Cody SummerShard level 81 life

  • Julia Sea

    Hey mercenaries for hire, My name is Julia and I have a level 91 ice wizard that is stuck in Azteca. I literally have only 2 bosses and then Xibalba. I could really use your help. I hate soloing these rude bosses. Please get back to me soon. ~Julia FrostTamer