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Welcome Back $eth!

Welcome Back $eth!

Nov 16, 2012

$eth decided to rejoin our crazy band and we are so glad to have him back! Yay! Sorry this is so late; with Pirates, testing Azteca, Azteca going live, contests, help requests, new mascot training, we have been a little crazy! :)

  • Kenneth Skyrunner

    I love the mercenaries for hire. I would like to join your team and help out the team to my best abilities. I am a Magus Pyromancer at level 30. I am willing to join the team and help out anyone in the Spiral. Please. I will be in Wysteria on the Wu server. Come and find me on Friday November 30th. I will see you in Wysteria on Friday. Please respond before then. I hope to meet one of you in the Spiral