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Welcome to the Jungle!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Jul 20, 2013

With a lot of requests coming in this summer, new content on the horizon, and lots of events and contest planned for the next few months (oh yeah, there’s a lot more coming!), we’ve decided to add a new member to the mercenary family! He’s been put through the wringer that is mercenary training and testing and managed to keep his sanity in one piece, so we think he’s a keeper. 😉 Please join us in welcoming to the fold….



Yes, he DOES really like the elegant hat.

Yes, he DOES really like the elegant hat.

Aeneas has been a Friend to Mercenaries101 for as long as many of us can remember, and we’re thrilled to finally have him on board. He’s ready to help you take on the Spiral and will be helping with our 4th anniversary farming event this weekend, so feel free to join us for some farming and welcome him to the team while you’re there!


  • Jacob StormSword

    congratz 😀

  • Tabitha AshCaster


  • TwisTED

    Congrats on joining a great team.