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What Shields? What Traps?

What Shields? What Traps?

Oct 11, 2016

They say you can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs, but I think in Wizard101 the phrase would be “you can’t defeat an enemy without shattering a few shields.” To finish off the spirit school love of our last Your Secret Weapon post, we’ll be going over the Myth spells Pierce, Shatter, and Cleanse Ward. Don’t worry you elemental school wizards, we haven’t forgotten you. Your time will come. Promise.

Myth Spells: Pierce and Shatter



Pierce is your basic shield removal spell. Its usefulness in most situations makes it, along with Shatter, a staple in a Mercenaries’ deck. Myth wizards receive this spell after completing the Krokotopia quest line up to the beginning of the Well of Spirits area. For those of us that are not Myth wizards, Pierce is a purchasable Treasure Card in the Bazaar and comes from a few gardening sources.


Shatter is the upgraded equivalent of Pierce. Instead of removing only one shield on a target enemy, it removes all of them and leaves them completely vulnerable to your attacks. Myth wizards are able to learn this spell after completing the side quest Thief of Spell starting at level 35. Like Pierce, there are Treasure Card versions available for those of us that aren’t Myth wizards.

How Can I Use This?

Despite Shatter being an upgrade to Pierce, it isn’t always the superior spell choice. While both spells are extremely useful in a lot of situations, there are specific circumstances where you can make the most out of them.

Beginning in Marleybone, Ice wizards begin casting Tower Shield. This universal resistance shield negates 50% of incoming damage, and it certainly can be annoying. Similarly, many enemies are able to cast single shields of their opposite school. Fire enemies cast Ice Shield. Storm enemies cast Myth Shield. So on and so forth. In both instances Pierce is the superior shield removing spell. It costs 0 pips to cast and is all you need to get the job done.

Not all enemies cast single shields, and some even cast multiple types. Balance enemies cast Spirit and Elemental Shield granting them 3 shields each that negate 50% from each of the Spirit and Elemental schools. Some enemies cast common dual shields, such as Volcanic Shield, that negate two school. In these situations, Pierce OR Shatter can be superior. Knowing the type of shield you will likely have to remove will let you know which spell you need.

Take Volcanic Shield as an example. It grants the caster a Storm and Fire shield. If you aren’t hitting with either Storm or Fire damage, you can just ignore the shield since it doesn’t impact you. If you are hitting with Storm, however, you want to cast Shatter. Why? Shields, like traps, follow the last in first out rule. Volcanic Shield places the Storm shield first and the Fire shield second. Pierce would remove only the Fire shield. Fire wizards can get away with casting only Pierce since that’s the only portion they need to get rid of. If you aren’t sure which part of the shield goes on first and last, the text of the spell actually has the answer.


The text of Volcanic Shield reads -70% next Inc. Storm & Fire spell. Storm appears first in the text and Fire last. Lets take a more complicated spell like Spirit Shield.


The text reads -50% to next Death, Myth, and Life spells. Death is the first shield placed meaning you’d need 3 Pierce to remove it. Myth comes next meaning you need 2 Pierce to remove it. Life comes last meaning you need only 1 Pierce. Tri Blade spells also follow this same rule. The text is listed in order of first to last to be placed, and it really comes in handy knowing the order.

Myth Spell: Cleanse Ward


Removing shields is one thing, but removed negate wards is another. Fortunately, Myth wizards have another useful spell in their arsenal. Cleanse Ward removes a single negative ward, like Feint, from the target. Myth wizards earn this spell after completing the quest Temple Dweller, the quest to defeat Krokopatra in Knrokotopia. Wizards can also purchase the Treasure Card version of the spell in the Bazaar.

How Can I Use This?

Cleanse Ward is a more circumstantial spell than Pierce or Shatter. Casting a shield is often more useful than removing a negative ward. This spell is best used to compliment your defensive shields. For wizards that solo the game, shields are a common feature of your deck. They protect you from the damage you will be receiving. Having Cleanse Ward tucked away allows you to further protect yourself, or another ally if you fight in teams, if you’ve used all the shields you can. It is particularly useful in removing negative wards like Feint that add a lot of incoming damage.

Now you are armed with the knowledge to manipulate shields and negative wards! These spells might offer the solution to annoying enemies you’ve been facing, give you more options when going into battle, or might just teach you something about the game you didn’t already know. Let us know if any of these spells have helped you!