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What We Do (and Don’t) Help With

What We Do (and Don’t) Help With

Mar 3, 2012

Mercenaries For Hire (M4H) follows these guidelines to determine which quests we will (and won’t) assist with, and how we help you. Check here first if you’re not certain that M4H helps with your type of request.



Questing Needs – We will assist you in all Boss fights and sigil lit areas in any World of the Spiral. We are not available as a questing buddy as you fight mobs and collect items. We recommend finding someone that is on the same quest line, so that you both have an ongoing partner.

Farming Needs – We are more than happy to help you farm for gear or other items. Please do not expect any Mercenary to spend more than one hour in any request for farming, though you may feel free to post another request for more farming. (Please be aware, however, that subsequent farming requests on the same day will be given lower priority than questing requests or first-time farming requests if we are busy.)

Spell Quest Needs -We will help you with spell quests whenever possible, including helping you get to dungeons/areas that you need for a spell quest even if you have not yet gained access to it (eg, we would take a level 48 myth or life wizard into the labyrinth for their spell quests even if the sigils are not yet lit for them).



PvP Needs – While many of our mercenaries love the PvP portion of the game, we cannot guarantee the results and do not wish to be held responsible for difficulties. Duelist 101, along with the PvP forum at Wizard101 Central, are able to provide excellent advice if you ask respectfully.

Hatching Needs– Many of our mercenaries are avid pet hatchers, but we cannot guarantee results and as such do not help with this in any official way. That being said, if you see a mercenary with a good pet, feel free to ask for a hatch as a favour, but please understand that those who hatch often are also often low on gold and snacks or have their own hatching projects underway. While we love to help in any way possible, we do often have to say no to hatch requests simply because we are not able or it is a not a priority for our in-game resources at the time.

Test Realm Needs – When new content is released we are often busy writing guides, levelling characters, developing strategies to cheat bosses, etc, and so we are unavailable to provide assistance here (as the changes will not carry over to live anyway).

– It is a strict mercenary rule that we will not help someone power level. We will not take any character into any area to which they have not gained access themselves through the questline. The only exception to this is spell quests, as listed above.

  • jody

    Can I join?

  • Isaac Deathrider

    Why would you take people into places they haven’t gained access to yet? That makes no sense.

    • Zane

      We will not take anyone to a location they do not have access to yet. The ONLY exception is for spell quests, as it is very possible to reach the level you need for a new spell way before you able to access the area that provides that spell.

  • DevinGoldSword

    Hi, my name is Devin GoldSword, I was wondering, could you guys help me farm Oyotomi the Defiler, he has a life hat and I have been trying for 2 days and have not gotten. I really need help, Please send back a meeting time, on weekend please
    Thank you

  • ? Chase Dragonstone

    hey guys, i was wondering. how do you help the people? Do you log into their account and do it for them?
    Please reply-

    • Scarlet

      We do not log into anyone’s account: that is against KingsIsle’s terms of service. What we do is meet up with people and are usually the other 3 people in the battle. We will also help with gear suggestions, deck suggestions, and guides.

  • ? Chase Dragonstone

    can you help people with a badge, like “ONE IN A MILLION”?

    • Nesogra

      Yes and no. We don’t accept runs for badges but some mercs may be willing to set up one for you when on a run. Just keep in mind that it is at the merc’s discretion so the merc may say no but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
      Ps you may find this guide helpful :)

  • Stephen WildFlower

    Um, I am a new poster, i don’t know what you call it but I just recently posted, and it seems like I am a unwelcomed in my opinions.Its like I have a different point of view.Are Mercs often sent on missions, is that why they cant help in long term affairs, or do they just limit the helping range?I play the game for fun and to hang with my friends because of that I feel help is mandatory, as I had help leveling up, I am not saying you don’t help though, am not hating.I am asking do you have friends besides your team, or do you just help and ignore?

    • Scarlet

      Your opinions are welcome. We do lots of missions as you call them.
      We counted and this past March alone we completed 372 missions.

      Besides helping out on runs/missions, we run contests, test the cheating bosses for game updates, write guides, maintain pet hatching for mascots, hold farming events, and try to generate feedback for the test realm.
      We have a pirate branch where we do the same thing. It is an incredible amount of work.

      We each do have lots of friends in game, but we all have limited time in game and in real life.

      Let us know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Isaiah Shadowheart

    Thanks for this useful guide. I am planning a run to defeat young Morganthe (tried myself with henchmen several times unsuccessfully) but before I schedule with M4H, I think I would like to add a Death mastery amulet to go with my Lvl 83 Life wizard. I have written the good folks at Kings Isle about when they plan to put the amulets on sale again but only crickets have responded. In your experience, when do those amulets come on sale?

    • Katherine Light

      Sales on things like mastery amulets are unpredictable. KingsIsle occasionally has sales for special occasions, but cheaper prices especially on mastery amulets are quite rare. To be frank, I wouldn’t count on there being a sale on them any time soon. The only time I could see them POSSIBLY (though not likely) putting a death mastery amulet on sale would be around Hallowe’en.

      • Isaiah Shadowheart

        Thanks for your response. I can probably get KI to put them on sale by buying one now, and then they are sure to be on sale immediately afterwards, right?!

        Anyway, thanks again for your thoughts. I’ll send out a request for young Morganthe run soon.

        • Katherine Light

          I think that’s about how sales normally work, yes. 😉

  • Alanna Shaffer

    I was wondering if you help with quests on Pirate 101. Just wondering. If not do you know of any other kind of site that would help with Pirate 101? Thanks 😛 😀

    • mercs101

      Hi Alanna! We actually have a whole website and team dedicated specifically to Pirate101. You can find out Mercenaries for Charter site here.

  • fallon

    Hi, are you taking requests for the new Exalted Duels? btw, thank you for the guides :-)

  • Anthony Chandler

    I am looking for any mercenaries that can help with Amra Blackmane in Zafaria. Is the a quest you guys can help with. Get back with me and we can work on times and dates Thanks