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Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

May 30, 2013

The new Wintergale Bundle from WalMart has some interesting features – and by “interesting” we mean “awesome”. Since we’re all about the cheat bosses, it’s not surprising that this bundle makes our hearts sing; it comes with a new gauntlet that you can place in your own home, and this little place has a few tricks up its sleeve!


So let’s get started and unpack the fun that is the

Winterbane Hall

It’s bigger on the inside (timey-wimey stuff not included).


Winterbane Hall was once a place where proud warriors could gather… but now the grendels have tunneled in from below and are taking over! They need your help to take back what’s theirs – and you may find some great rewards along the way. It should be noted that this guide is based on the Promethean level dungeon. The dungeon will scale to the level of the lowest level wizard in your party. In order to prepare for the most difficult content, we’ve written this based on using 4 max level wizards. PLEASE NOTE that your drops will also scale to the difficulty of the dungeon you are in. If you take a level 10 wizard in with you to get an easier/faster dungeon, you will only get level 10 gear drops. The exception to this rule is mega snacks – all wizards of any level will get the same megas. As a general note, the bait and switch strategy (having one wizard go in early to draw less minions) does NOT work in this dungeon; every fight will have four enemies regardless of how many wizards enter the fight.

Treasure cards to stock up on before running this gauntlet: Pierce and Cleanse Charm.  5 of each should be more than enough.

Floor One

Your first fight will be a typical mob fight against grendels, but be warned. The ice and storm grendels LOVE to use spells like storm lord and frost giant, so put a few stun block (or convictions) in your decks if you’re about to face a battle with several of these those schools in it. The schools of the grendels here will change each time you run the dungeon, but after you speak to Jarl, you’ll get the opportunity to check out their schools before you begin the fight and adjust your deck if necessary. For this fight, you can use either a mad rush or mad hatter strategy, as outlined here, depending on which schools you have in your group – if you’ve got a lot of power hitters and can manage to avoid a stun, feel free to try to hit on round two.

Thanks for Paige Moonshade for this picture giving detailed info on some many of the grendels! The only grendel minion possibility not shown here is the ice grendel, which has 3500 health.


After this fight, you have two options.
1. You can stick around on this floor and do a second fight with slightly more powerful grendels (pictures to be posted soon). If you choose to do this second fight, you will be awarded the Grendel Slayer badge upon completion of the dungeon. If you skip this fight, you will not receive the Grendel Slayer badge when you are finished the dungeon. The fact that KI made two badges for this dungeon and made one of them conditional upon completing both these fights seems to imply that it is absolutely intended for this second fight to be optional.
2. You can move to the back of the hall and down the ladder quickly to the next floor. Be FAST, though- more grendels will respawn in this same location, and you need to get out of their way PRONTO.


Floor Two

Next up is the first of many boss fights. This boss may say he’s myth, but don’t believe a word of it – he’s apparently a crafter, because he’s earned the deer knight spell and he is NOT afraid to use it liberally. He will hit your team with deer knight nearly every time he has enough pips to do so, which usually includes both of the first two turns.


In this fight you’ll also want to be aware of a few new spells cast by the minions – they can not only cast a 50% balance blade, but they cast a sun shield that acts like a 90% tower shield (and they usually place this shield on the boss). You can just pierce the shield right off, but if you’re going second be warned: they like to replace it the same turn you hit, so be sure to have someone pierce him on the round of the hit, just in case.

Aside from those towers, this is like most other bosses. Just choose one player to set up to be your hammer, and set them up to take out all the minions and the boss in one hit.


Floor Three

The third floor is a puzzle that many of us can identify with after spending a long time in this dungeon. These bosses are cranky and looking for a fight… but mostly they’re just hungry.  If you can whip together a batch of their favorite stew for them, all will be forgiven.

You can read through the recipe to find out the ingredients necessary to make the stew. We’ve found it easiest to have one person stay by the book and read out the ingredients one by one as another player runs around and grabs them.

For those of you who are reading this while you’re running the dungeon and would rather no watch the whole video (although you should just for the fun music 😉 ), the ingredients you will need (in order) are:

  • butter
  • meat
  • mushrooms
  • turnips
  • barley
  • water
  • salt
  • hot pepper


Be careful! Several of the ingredients are close together and the prompts may overlap; double check to make sure the correct ingredient is showing on your screen’s pick up prompt before you click (or press x).


Floor Four

The fourth floor brings you to a single life boss who has a couple of interesting tricks up her sleeve! At the beginning of the first round, and the beginning of every third round following that (so rounds 1, 4, 7, 10, etc), the boss will interrupt to put a 30% weakness on all players. At the beginning of the third round, and every third round after that (so the start of rounds 3, 6, 9, 12, etc) the boss will put an ALL SCHOOL DISPEL on one random player. This means that WHATEVER spell that wizard plays next, regardless of school, it will be dispelled.

This boss is fairly simple to deal with – just pack a bunch of cleanse in your sideboard and cleanse your hammer regularly. The 30% weakness isn’t so bad, but an unexpected dispel on your hammer can definitely be problematic. In particular make sure to cleanse your hammer on the round of their big hit. Aside from using cleanses, set up on player to do a one hit kill on this boss, as you would with any regular boss. Since this boss is life and can heal, you’ll want to make sure that you kill in one hit.


Fifth Floor

These bosses bosses seem straightforward, as long as you don’t feel the need to prism Jokul. If you put a prism on Jokul, when his turn comes around he will keep removing the traps that have been put on him (starting with the most recent ones put on) until he gets that prism off – and then he’ll remove one additional trap for good measure. Please note that mass prism does not circumvent this cheat; converts from a mass prism will also be removed. I don’t recommend an ice hammer for this fight, but if you insist on having one, the best way to get that prism on him is to have another wizard prism on the same turn as the hit so that he does not get the opportunity to remove it. The only other option would be to PILE on at least two myth dispels every turn to keep those prisms up. If you avoid prisms on Jokul altogether, this is just a normal boss fight (uh, if normally boss fights had 3 bosses). The other bosses don’t react to prisms and will keep them on indefinitely.

With three high health enemies, your group should try to get at least one feint (preferably two) on all bosses, and one hit them all.

This fight isn’t too scary, but it can be time consuming.  Be patient with setting up for a one hit kill and you’ll be just fine.


Final Floor

This fight is a doozy, not so much because of the cheats, but due to the sheer power and health of the enemies, with the “mobs” having 10K health a piece on top of being storm enemies who LOVE to use sirens and remove those blades. To be on the safe side, since keeping lots of blades up will prove a difficult task, you may want to put at least one feint on each storm enemy.

As for the boss himself, he’s definitely a little peculiar.

Eirikur Axebreaker’s cheats:
  • Axebreaker is simultaneously a fire AND an ice boss. For this reason, he resists both fire and ice at the same time, as well as resisting death! He boosts to life and balance, and is neutral to storm and myth. Because he resists both fire and ice, neither of these school make effective hammers here since they cannot prism around his resist. His resist does not seem to alternate or change in any way – he will resist both fire and ice in the same rounds (and resisted both in all rounds, as far as we observed).
  • He starts out the fight by casting a 14 pip ice armor on himself (without using up his pips). This armor can be pierced off but be warned – if you hit him without killing, once he is below a certain health point he will replace that armor. Do not try to steal his armor; he will steal and back from you and hit you with a brimstone revenant for your trouble. (I am still trying to determine how low his health has to dip before he decides to replace his armor. Any insights you guys may have on that would be appreciated.)
  • Axebreaker has not one but TWO natural attacks – a fire version, and an ice version. The fire version will hit one member of your team and put a smokescreen on all of you. The ice version of the attack will hit one member and put a 9% pierce blade on all your opponents. This is similar to the inate spell card on the coldfire dragon pet (which is dropped by him), although note that the coldfire dragon’s spell will use both after effects at once. 
    He casts this spell frequently, so be prepared for the accuracy debuff, which can be especially brutal which combined with a sirens from a minion. We recommend equipping a pet with frequently-casting may cast heal, not only for the extra health but to help remove all those accuracy debuffs.
  • In slightly lower level versions of the dungeon, this boss can place a stun on all players that lasts not one but TWO rounds. He casts this at the beginning of the fight, so there is no way to stop it – just be prepared.


Strategy: You want to kill these guys in one hit if at all possible. Have someone ready to pierce off that armor, and then start piling up the traps. Try to get one feint on each storm minion and at least two type of feint (three is preferable) plus a school trap on the boss. If you have the option, trap first; the storm minions like to remove blades with sirens, so trap at the start of the fight and pile on the blades when their pips are low and your hammer is ready to hit. If you are one of the players buffing the hammer in this fight, put extra triblades into your deck (even if they’re nor the type that will be used up in the attack!). When the storm minions have a lot of pips, unnecessary or additional triblades such as spirit and elemental blades can provide nice fodder for Sirens; even if they’re not necessary to make the attack more powerful, by piling them on after the blades that REALLY matter go up, you’ll be forcing a Sirens to remove useless blades instead of the more important ones that were played earlier.


Once you complete the dungen, you’ll earn the Warrior of Winterbane badge for yourself! In addition, this dungeon (in particular the last fight) drops gear, even wands, from the Raven’s Hoard pack, which makes it a surefire farming hotspot. In our experiences so far, the drop rate of hoard pack gear is actually quite high, so get farming and have fun!

KingsIsle has generously provided the members of our team with these dungeons, so feel free to post a request for help on the Difficult Instances thread at our forum at Wizard101 Central and we’d be glad to help!

  • Chris DrakeFlame

    Sometimes(not always), a trap/prism cast on him causes him to remove all from on him.

    Last boss-
    If a player steals his Ice Armor, the armor is stolen back immediately. After he stole it back from me, he cheat casted a Brimstone Revenant.

    • Katherine Light

      Do you remember what levels the players were in that version? I never saw a trap removal, but I’ll test that out. And cool cheat on the last boss! I’ll test out shatter as well as see how he responds to that.

      • EricMtgcast

        I am level 69 and was with a level 90 and whenever I cast an ice Prism it would clear all traps.

  • http://wizard101 Danielle PixieBlade

    I think the cheat on the last boss Is Epic but is the bundle Really worth it what do you think Reply when you got the answer I really neeed the answer so reply sooon Xxxx

    • Katherine Light

      That depends – if you have a friend who will let you use their dungeon, you may not need to buy it yourself. But it is a lot of fun, and it drops some great stuff, so if you can afford it, it’s certainly worth the money. :)

  • James D.

    The fifth floor, the ice boss randomly remove the ice prism. Doesn’t that count as a cheat?

    • Katherine Light

      Absolutely. We’re just in the process of testing it to see if he removes it EVERY time, if mass ice prism has the same effect, etc. We’ll update the guide as we get more info. :)

  • Michelle Mooncatcher

    Lvl 90
    After our fire wizard attack with Sun Serpent, he did blizzard and placed 50% ice trap to all

    • Katherine Light

      Thanks Michelle! That’s an interesting one. I wonder if it’s the fact that it was a fire spell or the type of attack – we’ll test out fire dragon and spinysaur to try to narrow it down.

      • Davidstardust

        Happens every time I use fire

  • Sophia EmeraldBlossom

    Does the highest level tier of the dungeon drop the level 80 or 90 wands? I could be interested in them. :)

    • Katherine Light

      It drops the level 90 wands, and some of those have great stats (like a stronger version of the brutal ice arrow rod). It’s not a rare drop either – usually at least one person will get a wand drop during a run.