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Wizard101’s 6th Celebration!

Wizard101’s 6th Celebration!

Sep 2, 2014

My, oh my, is it that time already?! It is, indeed!

Today is Wizard101’s 6th birthday! For the special occasion, Wizard101 has quite a few goodies for us to pick up. To get a full look at everything, go to this link.


First off, Wizard101 is having giveaways of free in-game items! Every week, a new item will be revealed as KingsIsle lights a new candle on their birthday cake!

Week One: A Birthday Gazebo!




Week Two: 6,000 free gold!



Week Three: to be announced

Week Four: to be announced

Week Five: to be announced

Week Six: to be announced


Secondly, Wizard101 has introduced a new seasonal fish for the celebrations, the Gobblerfish!




A balance fish, the gobblerfish can be found all throughout Wizard City, but most notably in Unicorn Way. A note when catching these, look for the big shadows, the gobblerfish is naturally huge!

Wizard101 has returned the Birthday Snack Pack! For 500 crowns, you can get yourself festive birthday snacks! Yum!!


Lastly, and certainly not least, there is a new pet, the Grandpa Piggle.


This bearded grandpa can be yours for 5000 crowns, or hatching with a friend for it! Each piggle will get May Cast Freeze at Teen. It comes with an ice armor card at baby. The beard.. the mighty beard!!

What is your favorite part of the Celebration so far? Comment down below and let us know!


  • Tday

    I love it’s one of the times the community gets along and becomes one :-)

  • lucaselee1

    i like all the fun giveaways and the presents. also, mercs, do you have any more fog staffs?

  • http://wizard.mercenaries101 Jesse SilverWhisper

    I’d also like to know if you have any fog staff codes lying around or if you are hiring because I’m more than willing to help. Jesse SilverWhisper: Diviner, Level 97. Thanks

    • Vanessa Mythdust

      Hey Jesse,

      Keep your eyes peeled for a contest or giveaway for some fog staffs soon!

      As for joining the mercenaries, you can find our recruitment information here: Recruitment

      We don’t accept “applications” for becoming a mercenary. Potential mercs usually come from the F2M4H that we see in action on our central threads.