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Your Secret Weapon…kinda

Your Secret Weapon…kinda

Sep 25, 2016

When questing through the game solo, or even in groups, it’s easy to forget some spells and not give them their moment in the sun. To show some appreciation, and to possibly reveal some cool new strategy options, we bring you the Your Secret Weapon series. We’ll be going over some not so common spell choices you may want to give some more consideration. For this article, we’re showing the Spiritual Schools some love by going over the Life spells Triage and Mass Triage and the Death spells Plague and Virulent Plague.

Life Spells: Triage and Mass Triage


Triage is quite a useful utility spell, and I can personally say it has saved my life on numerous occasions. The minimum level requirement to train this spell is 35, and it is a reward from finishing the Grizzleheim quest Thief of Spells. This spell is also available as a TC. It removes a single damage over time (DoT) from an allied target.


Mass Triage offers the same usefulness as Triage, but for your whole team! Life wizards can learn this spell after reaching level 72 and completing the Wintertusk quest No Pain, No Agravaine. It removes a single DoT from ALL allies.

How Can I Use This?

There are a number of circumstances where Triage, or Mass Triage can be useful! Imagine an instance where DoTs pack a massive punch (Ghost Dog). In fights like these, having Triage to save someone close to dying can come in handy, and may even be necessary. Ghost Dog cheats by detonating a massive death DoT, so removing that is vital to surviving. If you are in a fight where multiple enemies cast DoTs, having a few handy can save your wizards life.

Malistaire in the Graveyard is a prime example of where Mass Triage shines brilliantly. He frequently uses his massive, and cool looking, pet dragon to deal high amounts of damage. The DoT it leaves behind is deadly. This attack is an AoE, and a Mass Triage removes, on average, 1,500-2,000 damage from every ally. Not only that, but if you have a Fire minion in the fight, Mass Triage also works wonders on removing DoTs left behind by a Fire Dragon or a Rain of Fire.

One thing to keep in mind when using this spell is the first in last out rule that is fairly consistent across the game. What this means is Triage, or Mass Triage, will remove the last DoT placed on your allied wizard. Keep that in mind when trying to make full use of this spell.

Death Spell: Plague and Virulent Plague


Plague is a spell learned from the quest Bad News… It is a mainline quest that formally ends Marleybone and begins Mooshu. While it may not seem like much, -20% damage, especially on powerful hits, saves you from taking a lot of damage.


Virulent Plague ups the ante by giving us a -40% debuff. You can learn this spell after completing The Runedown after reaching level 55. Both Plague and Virulent Plague are also available as TCs.

How Can I Use This?

Plague is another useful utility spell for similar, more versatile reasons than Triage and Mass Triage. These Plague spells decrease the outgoing damage of every enemy, and saves your allies from some hefty damage a lot of the time. In most runs, we like to run a single hammer setup. One of the benefits, and detriments, is that we overpower our kill shots. Sometimes we don’t need an extra blade. Sometimes, spells like Plague and Virulent Plague are a better use of our cast.

Plague spells are useful in much more situations compared to Triage spells. They also have the added benefit of being stackable! That means you can use Plague and Virulent Plague and they will both reduce the outgoing damage of all enemies. They can stack even further with TC versions of the same spells.

Any fight where the enemies have the potential to deal high amounts of damage with a single attack, Plague and Virulent Plague are extremely useful. Most instances where this occurs are in cheat dungeons, but Polaris made enemies capable of stacking blades and traps before hitting, so it is definitely one to try out if you are so inclined.

The wizard’s spell books is home to many useful spells, some of which don’t get used too often. Why not mix things up here and there to see if these spells help improve your gameplay experience? Let us know what spells you find useful!